Another Step in the Writing Journey

I will never get tired of the milestones in my journey as a novelist. From first deciding to attempt a novel-length story, the query process, the editing and cover design to cover unveil, pre-sale and publication day - every announcement carries with it the same measure of excitement. Every time I check off a task …

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The Grammys Preview You Didn’t Know You Wanted or Needed

My good friend and Pop Matters music reviewer Chris Ingalls joins me for an hour and 10 minutes of pop culture conversation and we compete to see who can yell, "Get off my lawn," the loudest. The Grammys are tonight and I demonstrate my complete lack of knowledge regarding the nominees.

A New Voice in Science Fiction

On the latest episode of the Get the Knaak podcast, I had the opportunity to chat with Trifecta Publishing House label mate Samantha Heuwagen. Samantha's debut science fiction novel, Damn Among the Stars, is due out in May. Listen as we discuss her book, the science fiction genre in literature and films, feminism and much …

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