My 100 Favorite Horror Movies 2015

This is the 2015 version of my countdown. The 2018 version is just getting underway.

The Countdown of My 100 Favorite Horror Movies Begins

The 100 Favorite Horror Movie Countdown Continues

Day 3 of the Countdown of My 100 Favorite Horror Movies

Sexy Porcupine Woman, Ravenous Nocturnal Space Monsters, Old-Timey Creature from the Depths, Shadowy Night Terrors, an Anthology and a Genie

Six-Foot Tall Insects, Werewolf Commandos, Undead Pets and a Vampire Classic

Legendary Actors Scared Witless, Flying Demon with Discerning Palette and a Resurrected Icon

Dracula Dances with the Devil, and Two from Rob Zombie

Man’s Inhumanity to Woman, Terror in the Marine Layer, an Ancient War Between Vampires and Werewolves, Signature Performances and a Highly Underrated Werewolf Flick

Demonic Attachment, Twin Vampires, Cutest Werewolf Ever, Ingrid Pitt’s Signature Role, Naked Space Vampires, and the Ultimate Haunted House

We’ve Now Entered the Torture Porn Portion of the Countdown

Back to the 1980s for 6 of 9; Haunts, Parallel Universes, Bloody Revenge and One Helluva Twist

Unique Werewolf and Zombie Films Grace the Countdown

Vampires, Satan and His Minions in Tonight’s Blog Entry

Vampires, Crazy Birds, Witches, Weird Neighbors and Giant Bugs in Tonight’s Entry

Urban Legends, Folklore, Stephen King and Hammer Horror

Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty with the Horror Movie Countdown

Evil Dead and the Birth of Several Horror Icons

The Last Three – Including the Scariest Movie Ever Made