My 100 Favorite Horror Movies

I started this countdown several years ago as a Facebook thing and brought it to my blog in 2015. This is the 2019 version, with a few updates for 2020. Remember, these are my favorite horror films, not the “best.” You’ll find that I tend to lump certain franchises or original/remakes together. Invariably, there will be more than 100 films on this countdown.

In the 1930s, prior to select showings of the titular Frankenstein, actor Edward Van Sloan would give a bit of a speech to the audience. I will borrow a line.

“[Mr. Jerry Knaak] feels that it would be unkind to present this countdown without a word of friendly warning … I think it will thrill you, it may shock you, it might even horrify you. So if any of you feel that you do not care to subject your nerves to such a strain, now’s your chance to, uh, well, we warned you.”

So It Begins, Again

Folk Horror, Giant Snakes and a Young, Witchy Kelly Preston

Demons and Boogeymen

Night Terrors, Science Gone Wrong and Bloody Revenge

Three Very Different Monsters

Three Films that Get Better Each Time You View Them

Sometimes They Come Back – From the Dead That Is

Unique Vampires and the Devil in a Can

Werewolf! Where Wolf? There – Wolf!

An Homage to the Great Ingrid Pitt and a Forgotten Hammer Classic

Hammering Home More Vampire Tales

Friday Night Bloodsuckers for Your Viewing Pleasure

Freeze-Dried Dracula, Zombie is His Name and the Candyman Can

Ghost Stories – Truly Frightening Ghost Stories

An Ancient Shape-Shifter, Rage Zombies and Another Stephen King Adaptation

German Expressionism, Neighborhood Ghouls and Denzel Washington

A Whole Lot of Stephen King, Plus the Most Accurate Dracula Adaptation

Barbara Crampton Night

Science Gone Wrong, Cutting Edge Haunts and the Dawn of Torture Porn

Phantoms and Deranged Birds

The Unmistakable Influence of F.W. Murnau

Mad Scientists, Souls for Sale and a Creature Feature for the Ages

Oliver Reed’s Best Performance, the Best Horror Anthology Ever, the Best Japanese Horror Film Remake, and a Giant Spider

Avant Garde French Horror, Two Films in One and Universal Monsters Run Amok

A Trio of Universal Classics and Satan Fathers a Child

Bullied Teens, the Greatest Jumpscare Ever Filmed and the Birth of a Franchise

Undead, Shapeshifters and a God

The Countdown of My 100 Favorite Horror Movies Winds Down

Three Groundbreaking Films Break Us Into the Top 10

The Pillars of the Universal Monsterverse

Drum Roll Please … The Top Three