More Ways to Get the Knaak

Yours truly hosting SportsTalk in the NBS studios at NAS Keflavik, Iceland in 1994.

UPDATED! When I was in the United States Navy, I had the distinct pleasure to attend the same school (Defense Information School) as Robin Williams’ character in Good Morning Vietnam, Adrian Cronauer. After graduating at the top of my class, I was allowed to choose my next duty assignment. I chose the Navy Broadcasting Service Detachment Naval Air Station Keflavik, Iceland, so I could work for the great CWO4 Tom Jones. I was privileged enough to spend three years with the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS), which at one time was simply Armed Forces Radio. Considering the history of this illustrious organization, it was an honor.

I hosted a total of three radio shows during my time in Iceland, Vintage Vinyl Rock, After Midnight, and SportsTalk (the only sports talk radio show on Armed Forces Radio). We programmed After Midnight like we were running a college station, we played all the ALT rock we could get our hands on. I did live remote on-scene reporting from events and play-by-play for the men’s and women’s NATO/Iceland basketball tournaments. I was also a television board operator, a TV news anchor and field reporter, weatherman, and a TV talk show host. I directed and served as technical director and videotape and chyron operator for more newscasts and TV talk shows than I can remember. I also did a turn as the assistant television programming director. I did a lot in three years. I miss radio the most.

It’s not like I didn’t try to get a job in commercial broadcasting. On the contrary. But wasn’t in the cards. I did, however, use all of the multimedia skills I learned in the Navy in my job in digital media in professional football for 20 years. Five years ago I launched the Get the Knaak podcast and 3,700 plays later I am still enjoying myself. So what if I don’t have Joe Rogan’s numbers. I even had the opportunity to host a podcast for two years in my NFL job. There is a small handful of people who listened to my radio shows in Iceland back then who listen to Get the Knaak this very day. I made some lifelong friends in Iceland, including Chris Ingalls, who is a frequent guest on the podcast.

Sometimes I can be a bit myopic and I tend to take the path of least resistance. I have been quite happy with SoundCloud as my hosting service. I pay for premium unlimited. It’s an easy path to Apple Podcasts from there and I figured that’s all I needed. However, with the rise of Spotify and Google Play, I have only just realized that I have been missing out on growing my audience. So, I have submitted to those services and you can find the podcasts there now. I also published to Audible and Amazon! I have also submitted it to Pandora, and that is pending review.

I have made it a point to produce a show once per week and have some great guests on this season and I have achieved both so far. From repeat guests to first-timers, from published authors to horror movie aficionados – I’ve had fun conversations with entertaining people. And there is much more to come. I do hope you give it a listen.

Drop me a note in the comments and let me know where you find podcasts to listen to.