Plethora of Topics on the Mother of All Podcasts

My man Chris Ingalls, music guru at drops by for his regular appearance on the Get the Knaak podcast. We discuss everything from Yo Yo Ma’s latest with a couple of unlikely collaborators to the unreliable narrator style of fiction. You’ll get a dose of politics to go along with a lively discussion about what’s happening in TV and film. And, as always, we discuss writing and literature – but not in a dull boring way.

The Post Election Podcast You Didn’t Know You Needed or Wanted

So much has been said and written about the 2016 General Election, why not throw a little more fuel on the fire? My good friend and Navy buddy Chris Ingalls and I dissect the election and all of the ramifications in this Veterans Day weekend edition of the Get the Knaak podcast. Follow us on Twitter: @GetTheKnaak | @Ingalls1969