Talking Sports, Entertainment, Inclusion, and Reminiscing About the Good Ol’ Days with Multimedia Producer Carlos Koustas

People are put in your path for a reason and everything happens for a reason – trite and cliche I know, but in this particular case, both things are true. Eighteen years ago I met a young videographer who just happened to be an injured college football player. He took an internship with me and what has followed is one of those lifelong friendships that bridges gaps in communication only such friendships can. He has gone on to become a successful producer in the comedy world and I couldn’t be more proud of my friend and former colleague. Please, if you will, listen as Carlos Koustas and I bridge one such communication gap.

Talking Digital Sports Journalism with My Oldest

My oldest son and digital multimedia sports journalist Will Turner joins me on this episode of the Get the Knaak podcast. Listen in as we chat about the crazy non-stop world of sports news, the disparity between men’s and women’s coverage, great voices in broadcasting, and much more. There are now six ways to listen to the Get the Knaak podcast: Audible, Amazon, SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Play!

Chris Ingalls and I Present Our Own Hail and Farewell on the Latest Episode of the Get the Knaak Podcast

Check out the latest edition of the Get the Knaak podcast as my good friend and old Navy buddy Chris Ingalls and I offer our own Hail and Farewell to entertainers we’ve lost during the last 12 months, and discuss the state of TV, movies, books, and music, heading into the New Year!

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