Yuge Podcast

My good friend and old Navy buddy Chris Ingalls of popmatters.com returns to the program to chat about politics, books, movies, and TV.


The Grammys Preview You Didn’t Know You Wanted or Needed

My good friend and Pop Matters music reviewer Chris Ingalls joins me for an hour and 10 minutes of pop culture conversation and we compete to see who can yell, “Get off my lawn,” the loudest. The Grammys are tonight and I demonstrate my complete lack of knowledge regarding the nominees.

Comey the Homey and Much More on the Latest Podcast

My good buddy Chris Ingalls joins me for another edition of the Get the Knaak podcast. We discuss everything from former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony in front of a congressional committee to latest and upcoming movies, including Alien Covenant, Blade Runner and Wonder Woman, the Stephen King multiverse and we throw shade at an old friend.

Got 90 minutes to kill? Listen in, it’s better than whatever you’re doing.

Plethora of Topics on the Mother of All Podcasts

My man Chris Ingalls, music guru at www.popmatters.com drops by for his regular appearance on the Get the Knaak podcast. We discuss everything from Yo Yo Ma’s latest with a couple of unlikely collaborators to the unreliable narrator style of fiction. You’ll get a dose of politics to go along with a lively discussion about what’s happening in TV and film. And, as always, we discuss writing and literature – but not in a dull boring way.