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My good friend and old Navy buddy Chris Ingalls of popmatters.com returns to the program to chat about politics, books, movies, and TV.


The Comic Con Podcast

On the eve of SF Comic Con at the Oakland Convention Center, fellow panelists and Trifecta Publishing House labelmates Mark London Williams and Samantha Heuwagen joined me for adult beverages and conversation at Sláinte in Jack London Square. We had a wonderful time at this literature-inspired Irish pub in the heart of the neighborhood named for Oakland’s native son and world-renown author, Jack London. Mark and I knew we had found a home for our occasional grub and libation get-togethers when we saw the portrait of Oscar Wilde on the wall during our first visit.

Another Step in the Writing Journey

TheDarkDescent2_850I will never get tired of the milestones in my journey as a novelist. From first deciding to attempt a novel-length story, the query process, the editing and cover design to cover unveil, pre-sale and publication day – every announcement carries with it the same measure of excitement. Every time I check off a task or post that accomplishment to social media, I do so with the same fervor.

I finished the principle writing for The Dark Descent the first week of December 2017. After a few weeks of reading it over and editing, I submitted it to my publisher, Trifecta Publishing House, on deadline. The next steps include cover design. Last night, I approved the final cover design for The Dark Descent, the sequel to my debut novel, The Dark Truth. The Dark Descent is Book Two – The Dark Passage Series. I am under contract for three books in this series, and there just might be a fourth.

The Dark Truth went on sale Nov. 20, 2017, and The Dark Descent is due out in April 2018. The third in the series, The Dark Terror is due out February 2019.

I do hope you like the cover, and I hope you buy and enjoy the books as much I enjoy writing them. I have a lot more stories to tell.



Major Announcement About The Dark Truth

TheDarkTruth3_1700As many of you who follow me on social media may already know, I recently got a pleasant surprise regarding my debut novel, The Dark Truth. Last Friday, I received a message from my publisher, Trifecta Publishing House. They said they just had a meeting, and since they were ahead of schedule, they wanted to move the release date of my debut novel, The Dark Truth, up three months. They asked if I was open to this. My initial thought was, “you don’t have to ask me twice.”

By Sunday night, I received an e-mail from Trifecta telling me that my author page on their web site had been updated with the “back cover blurb” for the book and my new release date!

So, The Dark Truth – a dark, gritty, bloody, neo-Gothic vampire tale set in modern-day San Francisco – is now set to be released in NOVEMBER instead of February. The pre-sale and official release dates have yet to be finalized. Let’s just say the dates should make sense with regard to a certain holiday that resonates with the genre, and the start of the Christmas shopping season. Give the gift of vampires this holiday season!

A member of the publishing house said that moving up the date was all my doing. I’m not sure how, I just met deadlines. After 25 years in journalism, I’m bit of a stickler for them.

I mentioned the “back cover blurb.” This is the promotional information about the story that appears on the back cover of the trade paperback. I’m happy to present it below:

A Night Out

San Francisco PR pro Elizabeth Rubis reluctantly agrees to a night out on the town. Little does she know that her life will be altered forever as childhood night terrors come to life.

A Face in the Window

Elizabeth’s deepest, darkest fears crawl out of the inky blackness as her lifelong tormentor is revealed during a rare Northern California thunderstorm. A hallucination in the raindrops proves to be an evil, yet familiar entity.

A Baptism in Blood

Fueled by hatred for her tormentor, Elizabeth cuts a bloody swath across the San Francisco Bay Area in a desperate quest for revenge. No one is safe from her rage, not even her friends and family.

Please visit my author bio page on Trifecta’s web site, and browse their site. They have numerous titles in several different genres in print right now, and even more through their Vintage Hill Press imprint. There’s still time to get in some summer reading. Don’t forget to visit my author web site and like my author page on Facebook.

There are a few steps left to go in the publishing process. The manuscript now goes to a proofreading stage, and then to a formatter. Then it’ll be off to beta readers and reviewers. I’ll get my print ready cover with cover quote and a proof copy. Once it’s all approved and finalized it will be put on the market in a pre-sale, and then finally released in trade paperback and e-book.

I am beyond excited and I can’t thank Trifecta Publishing House enough for their support and for taking a chance on me. So, look for the pre-sale in late October and the actual release in November. As soon as I have the exact dates, I’ll be sure to let everyone know. I hope you pick up a copy of The Dark Truth, and if you do, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Comey the Homey and Much More on the Latest Podcast

My good buddy Chris Ingalls joins me for another edition of the Get the Knaak podcast. We discuss everything from former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony in front of a congressional committee to latest and upcoming movies, including Alien Covenant, Blade Runner and Wonder Woman, the Stephen King multiverse and we throw shade at an old friend.

Got 90 minutes to kill? Listen in, it’s better than whatever you’re doing.