Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming


After another emotional blog, this one a Father’s Day tribute to my dear departed dad, it’s time to get back to my regular topics of discussion. As I mentioned a few blogs ago, I am now on Twitter (@GetTheKnaak) and I also joined Instagram (@jerryknaak – it’s private so you’ll have to request a follow). After much consideration, thought, consternation, hesitation and various neuroses, I have decided to start a podcast. I’m sure I’ll have to wait for Apple’s approval to get it posted on iTunes, so you can listen to it here.


I didn’t mention it in a blog because I didn’t want to make a big deal oout of it, but I strained my back about six weeks ago. I managed all of seven miles walking/running in the month of May. My neurosurgeon had a month wait to see him so I sent to see my primary care physician. She wrote me three wonderful prescriptions and I was feeling better in roughly two weeks. This latest strain came roughly a year after back surgery. I thought these spasms were behind me but I was careless while lifting a 50-pound barbell. I hadn’t been awake long, I didn’t bend my knees, and lo and behold, a strain.

The month of June was a decent month for exercise for me. I ran 26 miles over the course of seven runs. I would have had a better month running if I didn’t have to take eight days off thanks to a badly bruised foot. I swear, if I didn’t have bad luck I wouldn’t have any at all. I was jumping into my pool the Saturday before Father’s Day and I kicked a rock. I have lived in this house for almost eight years, I have jumped into the pool from that spot countless times and I have never kicked that boulder before.

Taken last weekend, belly definitely flattening out.

My foot swelled up and eventually turned four shades of purple. After picking up running again the one exercise I had trouble with was lunges. I couldn’t flex my foot on the downward motion. It’s still sore but today is the first time I have been able to do lunges since.


I enjoy working out on my few and far between days off. I can sleep in, I’m not rushed, and I can lift when I feel like it. During the workweek I am beholden to a strict schedule and regimen because of my hours and my commute. It’s nice to just crush without having to worry about it.

I am not sure what has been happening the last two months or so. As you can see from the photos my stomach is flatter than it has been in a long time. It looks and feels like I am leaning out. I see it in some places and feel it in others. The crazy thing is I haven’t lost any weight and I’m not eating any more or less. I suppose I’ve been eating a bit more “real” food lately.

Several articles I read recently said that it takes calories to burn calories. Other articles say that you can burn fat and build muscle at the same time. Something is working although it is time to switch things up workout-wise. The chest – legs – arms six days a week with runs sprinkled in seems to be working for me.

In the latest issue of Men’s Fitness, there is an article about a seven percent body fat regimen. I am looking forward to reading this and seeing if there is anything I can adopt and incorporate. As avid readers of this blog would now, I am not one for shortcuts. I believe in diet, exercise and hard work. However, I won’t say no to any advantages eating differently or trying a different exercise program.

Hopefully the month of July will be a good one for me as I continue to create the body I want. Hopefully I won’t strain my back, sprain a knee or kick any more rocks as I try to get three to four runs in and six days of weight lifting per week in.

I hope you enjoy the podcast. If I can get it approved by Apple I’ll let you know how to subscribe and Get the Knaak on the go. For now, Soundcloud is the place to be.