One-Book Deal Becomes Three-Book Deal

Depositphotos_31421485_originalI am extremely excited to announce a major development in my vocation as a novelist. Seven months ago, an indie publisher took a chance on me and agreed to publish my debut novel – “The Dark Truth.” I purposely wrote the story as a cliffhanger, with at least a sequel in mind, possibly more. Earlier this evening, I signed a contract for the next two books in what is now known as “The Dark Passage Series.”

The Dark Truth is available for pre-order now, with official release Nov. 20.
The Dark Descent is due out in April 2018
The Dark Terror is due out in March 2019

Thank you to Trifecta Publishing House for their faith in me and locking me up for a three-book deal.

Here are all of the links to pre-order my debut novel, “The Dark Truth.” And once again, thank you to everyone who already has.

Amazon Trade Paperback
Amazon Kindle
Barnes & Noble Trade Paperback
Smashwords e-book
Kobo e-book
iTunes e-book

Be sure to visit my official web site, and my author page on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter, for updates.

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