A Dream Almost Come True

22237098_10212510335852055_114300165_nEver since I wrote “The End” eight months ago, it seemed like publication date was forever away. Even as fast as I earned a publishing contract in less than a week from the first publisher I queried, the process looked like a winding road with an end I couldn’t see. When I was given a February release date, I was a bit surprised. I had done some reading and research on the production process and I had an idea of how long it might take. I wasn’t upset or anything, just a bit surprised. But, I trusted my publisher’s process and judgment.

But then, when I got word that my wonderful publisher, Trifecta Publishing House, was ahead of schedule and that they wanted to move it up, I was ecstatic. Oct. 25 pre-sale and Nov. 20 release – all of a sudden my mental time frame was sped up.  Today would have marked 11 days until the start of the pre-sale and I had been working an online, public relations calendar, social media strategy counting it down.

Well, the pre-sale started TODAY! You can order the trade paperback from Amazon right now.

When I was in my late teens and early 20s, I thought maybe I’d write a novel someday. I’ve always idolized writers and I have always wanted a seat at that table. I am mere weeks away from having my debut novel in my hands.

Warm up that seat fellow published authors, I’m a-comin’.

The Dark Truth: Book One – The Dark Passage Series is available for pre-order now on Amazon, and will be available through other retailers soon. Be sure to visit my author page on Amazon as well. The e-book is currently available for pre-order on Kobo.

I hope you give The Dark Truth a whirl and join me on this deliciously dark ride through the macabre.


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