Jerry vs. The Bee

No worse for wear after a bee sting in the lip in the middle of a 6-mile run.

Just as I got past the mental block that was preventing me from attempting and completing a six-mile run, life got in the way again. Dental problems and a nasty head cold knocked me back down to three miles at a clip. After managing 44.6 miles in January, I had only logged nine so far in February prior to this morning.

After a couple slow (by my pedestrian standards) three-mile runs earlier this week, the plan was to run six today. I put on the running outfit and got out the door just after 9:30 a.m. I got to the spot and found it to be very breezy. So, I thought what I was very appropriate. I was rethinking my choice of clothing a half a mile in. I was sweating profusely and I was contemplating a pit stop to shed clothing.

I got into a pretty good groove and blew past two miles. My pace was pretty good but could feel myself starting to slow. I have never gone past about two and a half in this direction so I wasn’t sure where the halfway point was.

IMG_9030Just as the Nike+ Running app told me I was at the three-mile point I felt something smack me in the lip. I didn’t see what it was but the pain told me it was probably a bee. Damn that hurt. It didn’t particularly taste good either. I tried to shake it off as I kept waiting for my face to swell up. I’m not allergic to anything and I don’t think I’ve ever been stung by a bee before. I don’t know where the stinger went. It wasn’t stuck in my lip or my face.

I turned around just past three miles and I was looking at the ground instead of ahead and I saw the bastard on the ground. He wasn’t long for this world. Bastard. Screw him. Damn bee. I had a nice, cool breeze in my face on the way back. As much as I needed the cool, wind always knocks me down a bit.

I couldn’t maintain my 10-minute mile pace anyway and this bee sting wasn’t helping. I finished the run and I took time off from the last six-mile run on Jan. 26 – 1:06:38 down to 1:04:36. Two minutes, not too bad. I really want to get my three-mile or 5K pace back down to about 9:30.

I escaped with a little bit of a fat lip and I was very happy to finish my six miles. Not sure I’ll run that route again any time soon. Flying, stinging insects and I do not get along. I guess there is inherent risk to running outside, especially out in the weeds somewhere. Maybe it’s time to find a new place to run.

There was no way that bee or six miles was going to defeat me either together or separately. The plan is to make the six-miler my long run of the week. So, the next hurdle to get past is to make sure I do it next week.

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