White Christmas

Well, I planned on ending this last night but work got in the way. It was a great night, a memorable night, and oh yeah, it was Christmas Eve too.

It was in the forecast. Yes, it was. I have Facebook posts from reputable sources to prove it. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Here in Northern California we haven’t had the perfect blend of at or below freezing temperatures and precipitation to create it.

It came close I just learned – it just missed me. Dammit.

There was a full moon on Christmas Eve for the first time since 1977, but, I did not get my wish and I am still dreaming of a…

  1. White Christmas – 1954

I hate musicals. I really do. I don’t know why. They are just not my thing. I don’t like them in person and I don’t like movie musicals. Perhaps the only one I enjoyed growing up was The Wizard of Oz, if you want to call it a musical.

I do love Christmas music. I counted down my favorites. Irving Berlin’s White Christmas is on the list. The song first appeared in the 1942 film Holiday Inn. And yes, the hotel chain is named after the movie. I own the movie. I’ve watched it once. I like it well enough, just not enough to put it on this countdown.

Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye star along with Rosemary Clooney, yes, George’s aunt, and Vera-Ellen. Crosby and Kaye are in the Army together and Kaye saves Crosby’s life. Crosby is an established entertainer and Kaye is an up and comer. Kaye uses the “lifesaving bit” throughout the film to get Crosby to do pretty much whatever he fancies, except hit the dating circuit.

Enter the Haynes sisters. Siblings of an old Army buddy, they get Wallace and Davis (Crosby and Kaye) to come check out their song and dance act on false pretenses. Both Davis and Judy (Vera-Ellen) cook up a scheme within minutes/hours of meeting each other to get Bob (Crosby) and Betty (Clooney) together.

A train trip to eventually leads the quartet to Vermont (where it hasn’t snowed since Thanksgiving) and a chance reunion with their former general, who now runs a ski lodge. No snow means no customers which equals a destitute former general.

The boys cook up yet another scheme, a misunderstanding between Bob and Betty threatens to undo what is now a budding romance. Eventually all is forgiven, the general is surprised with a Christmas Eve reunion of his old outfit, and Wallace and Davis fall for the Haynes sisters. It all ends with a rendition of White Christmas as snow has finally blanketed the area.

My father was in the Army and I grew up in western New York where white Christmases were the norm not the exception. So this movie speaks to me on many levels. I only discovered it a few years ago during an AMC Christmas marathon. I thought, “What the hell, why not?” I was hooked, I watched it three times and cried every time. There is a lot of random is this movie and there is a lot “why don’t they just…?” But then we wouldn’t have much of a film and it’s fun to be all Pitfall Harry swinging over the plot holes.

By gosh by jolly, I thought I was going to get it this year. It snowed here five or six years ago but it was a couple of weeks early. My folks passed away almost nine and 10 years ago respectively and I miss them dearly. Christmas was a big deal for me growing up. My father would have been 80 tomorrow. This movie has come to mean quite a bit.

I got my White Christmas, albeit on DVD. And that’s okay. I watch it all the way through once on Christmas Day. It has truly become my favorite Christmas movie/special and it is required viewing snow or no snow. And for all the looney tunes out there who say “White” Christmas is racist. Just get over yourselves. Go find a real cause to bitch about. I guess they have never seen snow. And if they have and their snow is anything but white, they might want to change their surroundings or their situation. As far as I’m concerned, they can just shut the hell up.

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you enjoyed the countdown. I’ll be back soon with my usual health and fitness updates, rantings and ravings about whatever happens to be pissing me off at any given moment and more. Thank you for reading. It means a lot to me.

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