Sexy Porcupine Woman, Ravenous Nocturnal Space Monsters, Old-Timey Creature from the Depths, Shadowy Night Terrors, an Anthology and a Genie

The countdown of my favorite 100 horror movies continues with six tonight. I didn’t get a chance to write last night so I give you a double feature tonight.

  1. Wishmaster – 1997

Did you know that there are evil genies? Well, you do now. An evil djinn played by Andrew Divoff grants wishes you really don’t want. Divoff’s vocal performance is enough to give you chills. “Make your wishes…” Robert Englund makes a cameo appearance in this Wes Craven-helmed shocker that relies more on visual effects than suspense.

  1. Creature from the Black Lagoon – 1954

The first of the “creature features” on my list…an amphibious creature terrorizes researchers and kidnaps the leading lady. Richard Carlson and Julie Adams star opposite one of the most iconic monsters ever created for the screen. This is one of those films I would catch on Saturday afternoons…one of those films that you got excited to see when it did come on TV. I saw it again not all that long ago, you are reminded how vicious the creature is which was kind of unusual for 1954.

  1. They – 2002

Laura Regan stars as Julia in this underrated thriller. Regan and her childhood friends were “marked” as kids. The creatures who marked them come for the friends as they reach adulthood. Written off as outgrown childhood night terrors, these creatures are all too real for Julia and her friends. I enjoyed this because it is different, very dark, and it’s fairly well acted and the ending is not what you expect.

  1. Trick ‘r Treat – 2007

Anna Paquin stars in this horror anthology. As I mentioned before, I do love a good anthology – the movie version of a collection of short stories. I have only watched this once, it is time to see it again, but it did leave an impression. Four interwoven stories take place on Halloween and they have a little something for everyone. From the legend of the school bus full of kids that meets a watery end to a virgin werewolf’s rite of passage, any horror movie fan who also enjoys Halloween would like this.

  1. Pitch Black – 2000

The first film I saw featuring Vin Diesel features Radha Mitchell and Cole Hauser. A spaceship carrying intergalactic travelers and refugees, and an animalistic killer, crash lands on a planet with a sinister secret – hordes of nasty, hungry, nocturnal flying monsters. This is Diesel’s first outing as the Riddick character. Hauser plays the bounty hunter trying to put Riddick behind bars, Mitchell is one of the flight officers, and Keith David plays a Muslim holy man who figures prominently in the next Riddick film. Patrick Tatopoulos did a wonderful job designing the creatures. Tatopoulos is also a judge on SyFy’s Face/Off.

  1. Nightbreed – 1990

David Cronenberg (The Fly, Dead Ringers, The Brood, et al.) may be a great horror director in his own right, and he may have had a prominent role in this film, but Nightbreed is all Clive Barker. The creatures of this world he created are fantastical. I say creatures because Cronenberg’s character is the real monster in this story. Nightbreed is based on Barker’s novel Cabal. I like this one because of the variety of creatures Barker brings to life and the mythology of the world in which they exist is fascinating. Only Barker could make a female porcupine monster sexy.


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