Day 3 of the Countdown of My 100 Favorite Horror Movies

The countdown of my favorite 100 horror movies continues with 94-92.

94. Innocent Blood –  1991

I am finding that some of these are, in fact, horror comedies. This film mixes vampires and the mob. Ann Parillaud plays a vampire who very much knows and understands who and what she is. She knows how to survive and not create more vampires. Robert Loggia plays a mafia boss who becomes a vampire. He decideds to turn his entire crew into bloodsuckers and it’s up to Parillaud and a detective played by Anthony LaPaglia to stop them. Don Rickles makes an appearance. This a very underrated film and I find it very entertaining.

93. Pumpkinhead – 1988

Lance Henriksen plays a backwoods every man whose son is killed by dirt bike riding city slickers in a tragic accident. Rather than going to the law, Henriksen goes to the creepy old cabin in the woods to meet with the creepy old woman in the woods. She cooks up a local monster straight out of local folklore. The monster targets the teenagers responsible for the boy’s death as Henriksen himself suffers greatly. Witchcraft, voodoo, whatever spawns this thing, Pumpkinhead himself is downright frightening, gotta love Stan Winston. He’s big, ruthless and the sound effects are creepy.

92. The Curse of the Werewolf

This one is new to me and it stars Oliver Reed as the poor soul doomed to live out his days as a werewolf. The son of a rape victim, Reed’s character appears to have beaten the condition as he matures. But as a young man, the transformations and bloodlust return. I’ve read in central European folklore that a vampire could be created due to some violent trauma or suicide, not a werewolf. That makes this one very interesting. Oliver Reed is young and smoldering, and the make-up effects are unique. Good werewolf films are rare and I really like this one.

I hope you are enjoying the countdown. I am having fun doing it this way.

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