The Countdown of My 100 Favorite Horror Movies Begins

It is October 1 and it is time to start the countdown of my 100 favorite horror films. As I mentioned in my previous entry I normally do this countdown on Facebook but I decided to take it to the blog so I can discuss each film. I’ll be adding some and taking away some this year as I have seen a slew of new and some just new to me horror films. Beware, spoilers ahead.

I will start with a new one (to me) that I just saw recently.

  1. The House that Dripped Blood – 1971

I do love good horror anthologies and this is one I had not seen before. I belong to a Hammer Studios horror film fan group on Facebook and I heard about this. Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing star in separate stories. The movie is centered on a mysterious rental house leased by a Mr. A.J. Stoker. Each renter is visited upon by some macabre tragedy. I found the film to be highly entertaining and different.

  1. Lair of the White Worm – 1988

Based on a Bram Stoker story, it’s kind of a campy, different take on the vampire legend. A very sexy Amanda Donohoe plays a snake-like vampire creature. Apparently this legend involves a giant serpent, the Dampton Worm, and virgin sacrifices. A very young Hugh Grant makes a short appearance in the film. Again, different. Sammi Davis also stars.

  1. Wolfen – 1981

This is the first film I ever saw with Albert Finney. He plays a New York detective trying to solve a series of gruesome murders. The culprits turn out to be demon wolves. The movie is set in the burning tenements of the Bronx and upscale Manhattan. It’s a morality tale of some variety. Native American shape-shifter and werewolf myths are also explored. Edward James Olmos and Gregory Hines also star. An interesting take on the werewolf mythos. This was one of the first horror movies I saw when we got cable when I was a kid so it made a lasting impression on me.

This is just the beginning loyal readers. Stay tuned for three more tomorrow.


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