Another 5K Bites the Dust

For the record, I only run two organized races per year – the Oakland Running Festival (ORF) 5K and the Oakland Raiders Back to Football 5K. These races are approximately six months apart. The 2013 ORF 5K was at the beginning of my fitness journey and is an important marker. It’s not that I don’t aspire to do more. I actually want to increase my distance and run a 10K. I was heading in that direction when I hurt my back.

I really enjoyed this race even thought I lost a bet. Once again, not wise to challenge those half your age but it was all in good fun. I finished in 30:05. Not my fastest organized 5K time but considering I just started running again July 29, I’ll take it. My personal best for an organized 5K is 28:55, which I turned in at the ORF back in March.

My winding way through the Raiders 5K.
My winding way through the Raiders 5K.

The course was challenging but not daunting and I never felt like I wanted to quit or start walking. In fact my second mile was faster than my first. My back tightened up some toward the end but I had enough want to and gas left in the tank to sprint to the finish.

I ran again today, a slow 3.12 miles. I had the wind in my face for the first half of the run. Nothing takes the piss out of me more than running into the wind. I don’t mind a little weather but running into the wind, not so much.

Quite a few people have been telling me to get on Snapchat. I barely know what the hell Snapchat is. I do not have the bandwidth for another contraption, doodad, doohickey, gidget, gadget, web site, social network, streaming service or TV from space. However, my social media director is trying to make something of my periodic (frequent) rants and post them to Snapchat. So, if you want a peek into what I’m really like, follow Knaakchat at Themarc85.

Here I am finishing my 6th organized 5K in 3 years.
Here I am finishing my 6th organized 5K in 3 years.

I wrote recently about turning a corner. I don’t know what corner I have turned. I see the surgeon Monday so hopefully I can find out why I still wake up in pain in the middle of the night every night. You can almost set an alarm to it. Nothing helps – Ibuprofen, Norco…bourbon. I have good days and bad days and I have recommitted to exercise.

Speaking of…I alluded to it in my last entry but, um, yeah, I was eating too much. I can’t say I was consuming 3,000 calories and not exercising. However, 2,000-2,300 per day was too much. I lost nearly 60 pounds eating 1,200 a day. I was an idiot to think I could maintain my weight. So, I am back down to 1,700 or so per day and working out six days a week when possible. I am trying to run every third day or so. My body can’t handle every other day right now. I find running under 10-minute miles quite acceptable.

Who knows, maybe I’ll get back on the horse and start training for a 10K. I would have liked to run the Rock and Roll event in San Jose but my schedule won’t allow it. Eventually I’ll get out to longer distances. But first, let’s see what the hell is going on with my back.

One thought on “Another 5K Bites the Dust

  1. Great entry, Jerry! Glad to hear you’re overcoming the back challenges (stay optimistic! And you can always hit H-Rod up for something STRONG!) I’m thinking of challenging myself with a 10k as well; maybe the Berkeley half marathon in November, we’ll see. Keep doin work, son!

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