More from the Angry Blogging Man

I just realized that I forgot a few key points in my latest blog entry. These points are additional sources of my frustration and anger. Whenever you embark on a journey such as I have, unsolicited advice starts flowing like an endless river of confusion. I have written on many occasions that what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for someone else.

There are some basic truths to how the human body works but there are no absolutes when it comes to the individual. There is so much information out there it’s hard to decipher and choose any kind of plan. The few truths and absolutes I have learned are: there is no quick fix, healthy diet and exercise are the answer, self-discipline is paramount.

That being written, I found it infinitely funny that Dr. Oz got blown up in a Twitter chat recently. The sheeple didn’t see that one coming but plenty of folks couldn’t wait to pounce on the guy and expose him. The guy is a quack, a paid spokesman. There was a time when I thought he was different, but he seemingly endorses way too many quick fixes and magic pills.

The point to adding on to last night’s entry? I am tired of people telling me where I should be at this point. How much I should be lifting, how many miles I should be able to run, how fast I should be to run. The only suggestion that made any sense was to try to run more miles rather than settle for the three I normally do. That I would never get any better if I didn’t. I have tried to push the envelope and go four miles on a walk or a run a few times. Many times it’s my schedule that dictates the mileage, not my body.

You should be able to do this, you should be able to run that. Enough. See my note below about my dead cat reflexes.

The bottom line is I do what I can and what my schedule allows. I don’t need to push too hard to injure myself.

Another thing that has annoyed me lately is the made-up fake names the fitness industry has come up with for exercises. Burpee is not in my vocabulary (okay, I know the irony of me writing it). The exercises we knew as kids were called calisthenics and they were good enough to keep us in shape. The fitness industry has modified these movements slightly and given them all new STUPID names. What’s a WOD? How was your work out? Hey it was great – we PK zip cross rip olly olly oxen frees! WTF? A sit up is a sit up, a squat thrust is a squat thrust.

Okay, rant over. We now resume our regularly scheduled blogging.

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