The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same

July 7, 2013. Looking a little different than I did six months ago when I started this blog.

I touched it. I was right there. My body continues to confuse and confound me.  I had hoped to be at or under 200 pounds by my birthday and I missed it by about five days. I was 202.4 pounds on my 44th birthday.

My birthday was June 29 and I admit I indulged during my birthday weekend. I wasn’t terrible but I enjoyed restaurant food and a few beers. I was bound and determined to work off the 2.2 pounds I gained that weekend. By Thursday I weighed 200.4 pounds. And, just like the last time I weighed 200 pounds, it lasted about a day. I have been as heavy as 205 and as low as 201.6 since July 4. Lord only knows what the scale will say tomorrow.

Now, I am sure there are several explanations for this fluctuation. Water weight is the most logical. I really don’t think I have a calorie deficit this drastic that would cause me to add as many as four pounds in such a short period of time. My birthday weekend weight gain really didn’t make much sense either except for the fact that I didn’t exercise.

What is the deficit for one pound of body weight, 3,500 calories in a week?

This past week I switched up the weight lifting routine. I went back to the 007 Daniel Craig weightlifting circuit after three weeks of a different regimen. I went for a three-mile walk in 111-degree heat, I’ve spent time in the pool, and I went for a three-mile run yesterday and achieved my best time yet.

I made it a point this past week to treat each day as if it was a workday considering I had Thursday and Friday off for the Independence Day holiday. I made sure I didn’t over-eat, I exercised at my normal time and I watched my snacking.

In 2010, I touched 200 pounds briefly and then spent several months at 205 pounds before I fell off the exercise wagon and began the climb up to 236.

I am proud of the 35 pounds or so that I’ve lost. I’m not shy about telling people. Folks are seeking me out asking for advice. I can only speak to what has worked for me. Just when I think I’ve figured it out, my body throws me a curve ball.

I do know this: every time I switch up my menu (including meal times) the results on the scale aggravate me. And, when I add in some extra cardio like an unscheduled three-mile walk, the scale goes the wrong way. When I stick to it the food and exercise regimen, the scale is usually in my favor. This gives me pause. I wrote recently that reaching my goal weight frightens me a bit. Over-indulgence on a daily basis caused this in the first place but if eating “normal meals” once or twice a week causes upticks in weight, what the hell am I am going to do when I reach 190 pounds?

How do I go from weight-loss mode to maintenance mode? How do I go from burning fat to shredding muscle? I know the exercise part of it. The food/nutrition part scares me. I’m finally tired of soup for lunch. Don’t get me wrong, soup for lunch has been a critical part of my success – low calorie and very filling.

As much as I’ve learned and figured out, there is plenty I still don’t know or understand. I look better, I feel better, I’m healthier, and I have more energy.

I now have been as close as 10 pounds away from my goal weight. Whatever the number actually is, I’ll be there soon. That much I do know.

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