Staying the Course and Shaking Things Up

So much for that idea. I was going to create a cool graphic with pictures of myself at 236, 221, 215 and 205.8 pounds. But I recently needed hard drive space so I dumped everything to an external hard drive and I don’t have the pictures handy. Next blog.

Last week was an interesting week as far as exercise and weight fluctuation are concerned. Last Saturday I weighed 206 pounds even. By Tuesday I was up to 209 and getting angry. I weighed in at 205.8 this morning. The only things I can think of are I retained water after running last Saturday because I was probably dehydrated and I ate too much last weekend. I definitely ate lighter this weekend and I spent quite a bit of time in the pool. A DIY wall repair job also kept me moving.

I’ve been trying to remember how I felt the last time I lost weight and weighed what I weigh now. It’s only been three years but I’m having trouble recalling what it felt like. All my friends at the time said exercise would give me more energy. It didn’t. Seems like I was more tired. That part I have figured out. I didn’t change my diet three years ago. What I can tell you about this experience is that I feel better and I have more energy. My chronic back problem is still a pain but internally I feel better, my knees don’t ache like they used to and I have some measure of flexibility back.

As much as the Daniel Craig weight-lifting regimen has been a big help, I am going to switch things up starting tomorrow night and go back to a routine that I used three years ago. I get so much out of the Wednesday leg lifts I have been doing I need to do that more than one night a week. I need to do a core routine every night, not just Monday and Friday.

I have been attacking this weight loss problem one challenge at a time. It’s funny that this journey started with a surgery caused by getting off to a bad start. That unfortunate set of circumstances kick-started this whole thing.  I know I am not there yet, I have close to 16 pounds still to go to reach goal #1 of 190 pounds. But I have started to think about what happens when I get there.

I told my closest coworkers that I can’t wait until I can eat like a normal person again and they practically said in unison that I can never eat like a normal person again. That got me thinking. As difficult as it has been trying to figure out my body, my metabolism and what it takes for me to lose weight, I have no idea what it’s going to take to achieve balance. It’s simple math, right? Burn as many calories as you consume and you’ll stay the same weight.

I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. It’ll be a nice problem to have. I would discuss the graphic I was going to make tonight, how different I look, blah, blah, blah. It’s pointless without the images, so I’ll save it for the next entry. It’ll be worth the wait. Not quite as exciting as the next season on Game of Thrones will be, but I hope seeing progress will drive home the point my words have been trying to make for five months.

Unfortunately, this blog is not a fitting follow up the last week’s “Red Wedding” episode of Game of Thrones, but I am more than happy to be the lead-in to tonight’s season finale.

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