Moving the Needle

A week ago I wrote that I was stuck on a plateau. I hadn’t lost any weight to speak of for a month. I wish my blog-based bitching worked for everything that annoyed me in life. The Weather Channel is still naming blizzards and the squirrels are still out to get me. However, I’ve dropped two pounds since complaining about my plateau predicament.

Last weekend I was in the neighborhood of 217 pounds and I weighed in at 215 even this morning. I went for a walk/run and topped my fastest times for one mile and 5K. I think the interval training, with or without the C25K app, jumpstarted my weight loss. Also, the diet has been adjusted again. Smaller dinners, protein shakes and adding some weight to the barbell for my weight lifting sessions this past week I am sure have helped as well. I am back to eating non-fat Greek yogurt more often after getting a little bored with it. Protein, protein and more protein.

I didn’t use the C25K app today but did run some during my three-mile jaunt. I felt better running today than I have since I started this mess. Last Sunday and Monday the shin splints started to come back so I took it easy this week. I hadn’t logged any miles since Tuesday and my legs felt better today thanks to the much needed rest.

It’s been two weeks since the NFL Draft and I haven’t missed a lift since. Ten weekdays – 10 weightlifting sessions. I have missed all of two since I started my nightly weightlifting. I have really noticed a difference in shape, muscle tone and strength.

I have written it here, I have said it aloud and I continue to dread it for more than one reason but I need to attack my core strength issue. My stomach is the biggest of all my issues. It has shrunk considerably but I can tell that it is going to be the last thing to go. You see the commercials on TV – belly fat is the cause of more things than I care to count including climate change apparently. One of the reasons I have dived into weight-loss headfirst is because of lower back pain. My chiropractor says that losing weight will help but my lack of core strength is a major cause of my back spasms. I was reminded of this Friday and Saturday when I had to stand for long periods of time at work. This needs to be addressed before late July because I’ll be standing for long periods of time for work for about a month.

As I mentioned above, I have said it time and time again. Monday and Friday night’s workouts involve some core but nowhere near enough. If I can get over whatever fear of developing back spasms I have and deal with the fact that core strengthening exercises are hard, I’ll add to my workouts this week.

So, I am losing weight again. I am not in free fall and I am not going to base jump to my goal but I am encouraged by this past week’s progress. I see the doctor about my cholesterol tomorrow morning so hopefully I’ll get some good news on that front.

A high school friend took time out this week to tell me how much she enjoys the blog and that I have inspired her to exercise and lose weight. I am flattered. She too is using the C25K app and I offered some dietary suggestions. I never thought my exercise regimen would be an example for anyone to follow but I have lost 21.6 pounds since January. I must be doing something right.

I will continue to strive for my goal. I am convinced I can do this. The next 25 pounds are not going to lose themselves.

One thought on “Moving the Needle

  1. Heather

    You always make me smile with your blog. Such a Knaak putting a little humor into your strenuous and sometimes frustrating journey! Xoxo

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