Experimentation and Self-Discovery

If I were an adolescent, that headline would probably have a totally different meaning. However, I am your average 43-year-old white guy who is trying to understand his metabolism.

I started lifting weights religiously about a month ago. For the first two weeks my weight loss stopped. I got to 218 pounds or so and got stuck. I was walking three miles in the afternoon and lifting at night and didn’t lose an ounce. I decided on an experiment. I stopped walking and just lifted at night and quickly lost almost two pounds. I got to 216.8, which was .2 away from 20 pounds lost. For a few work-related reasons I have gotten off track with the experiment and I’m at 218 at the moment. A couple of 12-14-hour days at the j-o-b will get you off track a bit. I am sure I’ve snacked too much and I know I haven’t been eating the healthiest food the past few days.

It makes absolutely no sense to me why cardio in the afternoon and weight lifting at night results in maintenance and no loss. Or why no cardio and just lifting at night results in weight loss. Plateaus happen during this process and I know I have to switch it up as I go along. But, whatever is happening makes no sense whatsoever. I know I need cardio in my life. So confused.

Tomorrow night I will be back on the weight-lifting tip and I’ll update you faithful readers on my progress. I had been waiting until I hit 20 pounds lost to write and I thought that it would have happened by now. No worries, I have a plan and I’ll execute it. I was reminded last night that I haven’t blogged since April 6. Yikes.

The pollen count here in San Joaquin County has been out of control. I am not allergic to anything that I know of so I have either developed some sort of allergy or I have a head cold. Great way to start this spring, runny nose, sneezing…bleah.

Since I haven’t been walking at work I haven’t been accosted by those pesky ground squirrels in awhile. The last few times I did walk I saw a snake, bees, vultures, crows, gulls, a turkey, ducks, and beetles. The squirrels were nowhere to be seen save a lookout or two. Maybe they’ve gotten the word that I know a lot of guys whose names end in vowels.

I have noticed that quite a few people I know have started exercise regimens lately. I’m not talking about the New Year’s resolution crowd who quit going to the gym by the end of January after they got talked into a membership while gorging themselves on Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie. Mmmmm….pie. I’m talking about friends and family jumping on the fitness bandwagon as of late.

My ego would say it’s me and my success that has inspired these folks. I have lost damn near 20 pounds since January. Frankly, I don’t care. As I go through this and continue this journey I have been doing quite a bit of research and reading. You come across so much material that says we Americans are obese and so unhealthy. If my friends and family lose weight, get in shape, eat healthier and live longer lives…so be it. But, it is nice to know I may have inspired a few folks along the way.

I always have to remind myself I have to work just a little harder to lose weight because of what I did to my metabolism with nicotine for 18 years and the fact I have sleep apnea. I can’t compare myself to anyone else. I can’t get jealous if someone experiences results faster than me.

I just need to DO WORK, SON!

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