No Pain No Gain

I wonder how many articles on the topic of exercise have born that title. It has to be the “It was a dark and stormy night” of fitness mantras.

In my last entry I discussed a severe pain that I have been experiencing in my lower left leg. I found out Monday that I am suffering from shin splints. I have been fighting it and trying to power through to get my three-mile walks in every day. My pace has suffered and I take about three breaks along the way. I usually stop to take a photo at the 1 1/2 –mile mark and I post it to Facebook to piss off my snowbound cousin Heather in New York.

Today I crushed a 3.13-mile walk without any pit stops. There was some pain but no debilitating cramp-like knots in the muscles. My hips and lower back started to tighten up with about a quarter mile to go. But, I was cruising and happy to be trucking along so nothing was going to stop me at that point.

I know three-mile walks probably don’t sound like much to you. I lead a sedentary lifestyle so this start to losing weight and getting in shape is good for me.

The elliptical for the house was an epic fail. Do not buy anything with Gold’s Gym’s logo on it. I had high hopes for this thing. It took forever to assemble, it wobbled and it developed a terrible squeak during the second use. It has been returned.  Maybe we’ll have more luck with a recumbent exercise bike.

A week ago today I weighed in at 230. I know, I know…stay off the scale except for weigh-in day.  Well, Wednesday was weigh-in day and I was back down to 227.8. Another 1.2 pounds gives me a total of 10 pounds lost since my surgery. I’ll post something Wednesday if the weight-loss gods smile upon me.

I bought resistance bands of some variety and worked out with them Thursday evening. Not bad. I need to develop a routine for all of my exercise. I need to add to it. Core strengthening exercises will be next.

I am officially a Nike whore. I wear Nike shoes, Nike Dri-Fit clothing, I am the proud owner of a Nike Fuel Band, I am using Nike+ and the Nike+ running app (even though I am only walking). I still like RunKeeper and I would recommend it. I do like the idea of accumulating Nike Fuel (whatever that is). Earning these “points” is a great motivational tool even if all you do is move boxes around in your garage (I earned a lot of “fuel” doing this today). During a 20-minute elliptical workout Thursday I did not reach my Nike Fuel goal for the day so I pushed through an extra few minutes to hit that goal. Nike did not compensate me for writing glowing reviews of their products. I just felt the need.

Am I going to run a Marathon or ride the Tour de France? That’s a negative Ghost Rider. But these tools from Nike are helping me track what I am doing all in one place. If they help me lose the 40 pounds or so I am trying to lose, then so be it. I’m okay with being a whore.

I am conflicted about my walking paths. I love walking near work because of the weather and the scenery. I can see San Francisco. I enjoy walking near my house for one simple reason – NO SQUIRRELS.

I am determined to reach my weight-loss goal and conquer a more near-term challenge – make shin splints my bitch.

Until next time party people…

“Tick tock, what’s the condition, I’m a man that’s on a mission.”Beastie Boys

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